Our Story: Family Partnerships for Student Success

In 2015, the seeds of Home Visit Partnerships were sown by a passionate group of Stand for Children Texas educator fellows. They shared a common vision: the urgent need for genuine family partnerships to better support students. At the time, the educational landscape primarily revolved around the concept of family involvement and engagement, often narrowly defined by attendance at events like back-to-school nights, meet-the-teacher sessions, or parent-teacher conferences, or even by tallying volunteer hours.

For over half a century, research has underscored the profound impact of trust-filled relationships between educators and families on student success. Yet, as highlighted by the U.S. Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Education in their policy statement on family engagement, many perceive family engagement as a mere add-on, a ‘nice-to-have’ rather than an indispensable necessity. State and local policies often reference “family engagement” but fall short in providing the guidance and resources essential for its realization, often failing to prioritize student learning.

Recognizing the critical need for a fundamental shift, our journey in search of best practices led us to Parent Teacher Home Visits (PTHV).  At its core, PTHV was conceived when families themselves initiated the invitation, sensing a gap in the understanding teachers held regarding their children.

Home Visit Partnerships (HVP) has embraced this model as the very cornerstone of our mission. We have adapted the concept and molded it into a powerful tool to train and support educators in their endeavor to proactively engage with their students and families beyond the confines of the classroom.

HVP’s goal is to steer the narrative away from transactional “family engagement” towards the richer concept of “family partnerships.” In this paradigm, families and educators unite, forging a collaborative force to address the holistic needs of each child.


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