Widening Perspectives One Home Visit at a Time

When it comes to optional tasks, busy educators quickly abandon things that are ineffective. HVP has grown primarily through word-of-mouth between educators eager to share a practice that has positively impacted their understanding of students and their families, and their ability to meet student’s needs.  HVP began as a small pilot of 46 educators in Dallas ISD conducting 328 home visits to over 4,000 educators in school districts across multiple states conducting over 29,000 relationship-building home visits.

Relationships matter.  HVP is proving it.  The impact of HVP aligns with the research.  Where intentional, trusting relationships exist, there is effective two-way communication between educators and families; student attendance, engagement, and behavior improve, as does their sense of belonging.  Teachers who embrace HVP report a profound shift in their career satisfaction, a newfound sense of respect, and a heightened connection to their profession.  Relationship-building home visits benefit everyone involved!

Take a look at the program summary from the past year, as well as a study that the Annenberg Institute conducted during the 2019-2020 school year, shows educators, parents and families all benefit from the relationship-building opportunity.

Tangible results!

Make A Difference

Michael’s fourth grade year was off to a rocky start, but then his math teacher, Mr. Mayfield, asked if he could do a home visit. No, not to discuss homework – it was so Michael’s parents and teacher could chat and get to know each other as people first. Home Visit Partnerships made a tremendous difference in Michael’s life, changing his overall attitude and improving his math skills. Read a statement from Liliana Valadez, Ed.D. about how the expansion of HVP in the Dallas Independent School District impacted more students like Michael.

Build Trust

Families live busy lives and don’t always have time to visit the school. Teachers like Ruth Ortiz tell parents, “if you can’t come to me, I can come to you.” Once teachers earn parents’ trust, that relationship creates more support for the student. Home visits are all about building community and bridging the gap between schools and home so that students get the help and attention they need to succeed. Read a joint statement from Early Learning at Dallas ISD about how Home Visit Partnerships support teachers to nurture relationships with families.

Graduate On Time

Through Home Visit Partnerships, teachers meet students’ families and learn about their lives outside of the classroom. When Oscar didn’t want to go back to high school after a summer spent working, Ms. Johnitta Williams heard him out but pushed him to continue his education. Now Oscar is pursuing college because he wants to have a vibrant career and future.

For Students

  • Increased attendance
  • increased academic success
  • Increased feeling of comfort and safety at school
  • Increased Engagement in class
  • Feeling "seen" and understood

For Educators and Staff:

  • Increased trust and respect
  • Increased capacity to engage students
  • Increased understanding and empathy
  • Increased job satisfaction

For Families:

  • Increased trust and respect
  • Increased capacity to support children at home
  • Increased confidence as a partners and co-educators
  • Increased communication with teachers and campus

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