HVP provides training, planning, implementation, reflection, and support to teachers, staff, and school administrators to cultivate the building of trusting relationships where student wellbeing, learning, and success are the focus. We help staff identify and remove barriers to engagement and partnership. We believe building trusting relationships with families begins with confronting and understanding our own biases and assumptions. Intentional two-way communication that focuses on listening and learning from families about the hopes and dreams they have for their children is essential.

Prior to March of 2020, all home visits were conducted at the student’s home. The pandemic taught us that, even when we couldn’t be together in person, connection and trust were still vital. This experience led to Home2Home Visits, or Video Visits, between a teacher and a family. The goal remained the same — get to know the family and the dreams they have for their child and finding ways to connect and motivate the student.

We offer two options to build relationships between educators and families. We suggest, especially in the early grades, that every family received a Video Visit from their child’s teacher. As educators feel comfortable, we encourage in-person home visits as well.