A Life Lesson Students Will Remember Forever

As an educator, I was always taught to keep some distance from parents, and I’ve been doing that for over 20 years. But when I heard about Home Visit Partnerships, which gives teachers the opportunity to meet with students’ families in their homes, I wanted to see how it works.

During my visits with students and families, I could feel our bond strengthening and the trust between us building. Each home visit reminded me how crucial it is for teachers to never be guided by stereotypes. Instead, we should get to know students and their families and understand their unique, complex lives instead of being misled by prejudices. 

One of our most important roles as educators is to teach students how to build relationships, interact positively with others, and work together with people who are different from us to pursue a common goal. If students get the opportunity to witness their parents and teachers creating partnerships to improve their success, they will forever remember that as an example of the power of teamwork.

Improve the odds for students by sponsoring a home visit today and become a part of the bridge that closes the gap between school and home.

Elvira Torres is a 5th grade teacher at Geneva Heights Elementary DISD.