It’s Not About Grades and Test Scores

As a teacher, I make a point to get to know my students. I study each child’s personality, learning style, and favorite subjects so I can set them up for success. But I’ve realized that to really understand a student, I need to see who they are beyond the classroom.

Home Visit Partnerships, created by Stand for Children, gives educators the time and flexibility to meet with students’ families outside of an academic setting and get to know each other as people who both care deeply about their child’s education.

Home visits aren’t about discussing grades or test scores. They’re about building empathy and trust between educators and parents. 

Participating in Home Visit Partnerships is one of the most meaningful experiences I have had in education. Become a Home Visit Partnership donor to bring this transformational program to more schools.

It’s been life-changing to sit down with families and hear them talk about their children’s hopes and dreams. I’ve been able to see the profound impact I have in students’ lives, and how my attitude and approach shape a child’s own self-confidence and achievement.

I hope you will make a tax-deductible gift to the Home Visit Partnership today so more educators and families can have the chance to sit down and work together for the sake of students.